Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Rigging.ART_EditRigUI.ART_EditRigUI(edit, add, parent=None)[source]

This class builds a tool that allows a user to Edit a Rig or Add Character for Animation. Both functions use the same interface. The title and button text get swapped out depending on which situation has been called for by the A.R.T.2.0 menu.

__init__(edit, add, parent=None)[source]

Instantiates the class, getting the QSettings and building the interface.

  • edit – Whether or not the operation is to edit the rig.
  • add – Whether or not the operation is to add the character for animation.
class Tools.Rigging.ART_EditRigUI.ARTv2_Add_Rig(file_path, character, launch_ui=True)[source]

Class for adding an ARTv2 rig and handling namespace assignment as well as creating default spaces and script nodes.

__init__(file_path, character, launch_ui=True)[source]
class Tools.Rigging.ART_EditRigUI.ARTv2_Edit_Rig(file_path)[source]

Class for editing a rig by opening the file and launching the rig creator tools.


Get Maya’s window as a QWidget and return the item in memory. :return: a QWidget of Maya’s window[source]

Creates an instance of the class for Editing a rig. The ARTv2 menu calls on this function.


Creates an instance of the class for adding a rig for animation. The artv2 menu calls this function.