Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Rigging.ART_ChangeModuleParentUI.ART_ChangeModuleParent_UI(currentParent, moduleInst, rigUiInst, parent=None)[source]

This class allows the user to change the parent module bone of a given module. It is found within the skeletonSettingsUI of an individual module in the Rig Creator.

__init__(currentParent, moduleInst, rigUiInst, parent=None)[source]

Instantiates the class, taking in current module information, and builds the interface.

  • currentParent – The current module parent bone of this module.
  • moduleInst – The instance in memory of the module whose name is to change.
  • rigUiInst – The instance in memory of the Rig Creator UI from which this class was called.

Gets the new parent from the selected ListWidgetItem text and then checks to make sure the selected parent isn’t a bone that is part of the module we’re trying to change the parent on. Then updates text and attribute values where needed.


The following things get updated:
  • Current Parent text item in the Skeleton Settings UI
  • Network Node .parentModuleBone attribute
  • Constrains nodes based on new parenting relationship

Reads the text in the QLineEdit and searches the list widget for any items containing the search text, hiding all listWidgetItems that do not contain the search text.


Returns a pointer to Maya’s window as a QWidget.