Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Rigging.ART_ChangeModuleNameUI.ART_ChangeModuleName_UI(baseName, moduleInst, rigUiInst, prefix, suffix, parent=None)[source]

This class allows the user to change the prefix or suffix or both, of a given module. It is found within the skeletonSettingsUI of an individual module in the Rig Creator.

__init__(baseName, moduleInst, rigUiInst, prefix, suffix, parent=None)[source]

Instantiates the class, taking in current module information, and builds the interface.

  • baseName – The base name of the module, found on the network node attribute.
  • moduleInst – The instance in memory of the module whose name is to change.
  • rigUiInst – The instance in memory of the Rig Creator UI from which this class was called.
  • prefix – The existing prefix of the module name.
  • suffix – The existing suffix of the module name.

Checks to make sure a module doesn’t exist with the new name, and if not, updates naming of the module in a multitude of places. Any UI elements, joint movers, attribute values (like .Created_Bones), etc.


The following things get updated:
  • QGroupBox label of the SkeletonSettingsUI
  • Network Node .moduleName attribute
  • Module Instance variable of gets updated
  • Created_Bones attribute values
  • Joint Mover Nodes
  • Rig Creator Outliner names for module
  • Selection Script Job for outliner
  • Any modules’ attributes that have a value that matches the old name (like parent module bone)
  • Any modules that are a mirror of this module, and their mirrorModule attribute value

Updates the QLabel with the current prefix + basename + suffix, adding in underscores where needed.


Returns a pointer to Maya’s window as a QWidget.