Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Rigging.ART_BoneCounter.ART_BoneCounter(mainUI)[source]

This class builds a simple interface that allows a user to see what the total bone count of their asset will be given the current module settings. It also allows the user to set a bone count target.

It can be found on the Rig Creator toolbar with this icon:
The interface looks like this:

Instantiates this class, getting the QSettings and calling on the method to build the interface for the tool.

Parameters:mainUI – The instance of the Rig Creator UI from which this class was called.

See also



Builds the interface for the bone counter tool, which is comprised off a QLineEdit that shows the current bone count, a QPushButton to launch another simple UI that allows the user to set a bone count target, and QProgressBar that shows a percentage to target bone count.

See also



Builds a UI that allows the user to set the target bone count.


Take the QSpinBox value for the new target and refresh the main UI with the new data.


Updates the interface based on new module information. Usually triggered when a module has had its settings changed.