Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Rigging.ART_AimModeUI.ART_AimMode(mainUI)[source]

This class creates a tool that allows a rigger to toggle aim mode for a given selection of modules. Aim mode ensures that the parent joints in a joint mover are always aiming at their children.

This tool can be called from the toolbar on the Rig Creator UI from the following button:
The full interface looks like this:

Instantiates the class, getting the QSettings for the tool, and building the Aim Mode interface.

Parameters:mainUI – The instance of the Rig Creator UI this tool was called from.

Calls on each selected module’s aimMode function and sets the aimMode based on the passed in state.

Parameters:state – Whether to turn aim mode on or off.

Builds the Aim Mode interface, finding all modules that have the ability to aim, and listing those modules as well as their current aim status.