Module containing class that creates pick-walk connections, saves pick-walk template files, and loads pick-walk template files.

class Tools.Animation.ART_PickWalkSetup.ART_PickWalk(character=None, template_file=None, strip_namespace=True)[source]

Class for setting up pick-walking on controls or saving out pick-walking templates. Usage:

import Tools.Animation.ART_PickWalkSetup as pick_walk
inst = pick_walk.ART_PickWalk("my_character", "C:\test.pickWalk", False)

# load a pick-walk template

# save a pick-walk template


Keyword Argument Type Description
character string The name of the character (or namespace if in a referenced file).
template_file string The file path of the template file to load or save.
strip_namespace bool Whether or not to strip namespaces when loading a template. Valid only if the template was saved from a referenced rig.
__init__(character=None, template_file=None, strip_namespace=True)[source]
create_pickwalk_connection(control, pickwalk_object, attr)[source]

Setup pick-walking between the control and the pick-walk object using the given pick-walk attribute.

  • control (str) – The control from which the user pick-walks away from.
  • pickwalk_object (str) – The control or object that the user pick-walks to.
  • attr (str) – The pick-walk direction (pickWalkLeft, pickWalkRight, pickWalkUp, pickWalkDown)

Loads a template file and processes the data to setup pick-walking on the given character using the data from the file.


Saves out a file of the pick-walking setup on all controls of the given character.