class Tools.Animation.ART_RigSettingsUI.ART_RigSettingsUI(animUI, parent=None)[source]

This class creates an interface that compiles all of the rig settings. You can select the settings, change their values, and key the settings from within the interface.

__init__(animUI, parent=None)[source]

Instantiates the class, gets settings values from QSettings. Calls on building the interface.

_build_attr_widget(attr, settings, parent)[source]

Builds a widget for each settings attribute that contains a label of the attribute, a lineEdit to modify the attribute, and a button to key that settings attribute.

  • attr – The attribute name, which will be used for the label.
  • settings – The settings node.
  • parent – The groupbox layout that these widgets will be added to.
_collapse_group(widget, width, height, *args)[source]

Collapses the groupbox, or expands the groupbox, depending on the check state.

  • widget – the groupBox widget
  • width – the width to set
  • height – the max height to set.

Finds all rig modules of the active character.

Returns:Returns a list of module names for the auto-completer.

Find all module settings nodes for the active character.

Returns:Returns a list of pairs that contain the module name and the corresponding settings node.
_key_attr(field, node, attr, *args)[source]

Keys the given attribute on the given node.

  • field – The lineEdit to modify the stylesheet to show the attribute has a keyframe.
  • node – The settings node.
  • attr – The attribute to key.
_set_attr(widget, attr_type, node, attr, *args)[source]

Sets the setting attribute to the value in the lineEdit.

  • widget – the lineEdit to read the value from
  • attr_type – What type of attribute we are working with (used for validators)
  • node – The settings node.
  • attr – The attribute on the settings node we want to manipulate:

Updates the lineEdits when the time changes to show the correct values based on the actual attributes.


Builds the interface for the tool.

See also


See also



Builds the groupbox for each module’s settings.


a list comprised of lists that contain the module name and the corresponding settings node.

See also



Keys all setting attributes on all modules.


Find all settings nodes, then call on function to build groupbox for each setting

See also


See also



Hides or shows groupboxes depending on whether any of the groupbox titles match the search terms.


Selects the uber settings node.[source]

Deletes the UI if it exists, then instatiates the class, building the tool and the UI. :return: the instance of this tool