Author: Jeremy Ernst

class Tools.Animation.ART_ExportMotionUI.ART_ExportMotion(animPickerUI)[source]

This class is used to export FBX animation from the rig to Unreal Engine. It supports morph targets, custom attribute curves, and pre/post

It can be found on the animation sidebar with this icon:


Add the ability to export alembic and animation curve data.


Instantiates the class, getting the QSettings and calling on the function to build the interface.

Parameters:animPickerUI – Instance of the Animation UI from which this class was called.
class Tools.Animation.ART_ExportMotionUI.Export_FBX(force=False, euler=False, quat=True)[source]

Class for export FBX animation data.

__init__(force=False, euler=False, quat=True)[source]