Deformation Toolkit

Date:Jan 31, 2019
Author:Jeremy Ernst


If you’re only using the proxy geometry at this point, you can skip right ahead to “Publishing the Rig”.

This section will go over the deformation toolkit interface and the tools it includes. Let’s start with the toolbar at the top of the interface.


Deformation Toolkit toolbar

Icon Description
../_images/paintWeights.png Puts the tool into Paint Skin Weights mode.
../_images/addRemove.png Launches the Add or Remove Influences tool.
../_images/mirrorWeights.png Launches Maya’s Mirror Skin Weights options.
../_images/importSkin.png Launches the Import Skin Weights tool.
../_images/exportSkin.png Launches the Export Skin Weights tool.
../_images/smartCopy.png Smart Copy Skin Weights function.
../_images/moveInfs.png Launches the Move Influences tool.
../_images/fixWeights.png Fix Skin Weights function.
../_images/hammer.png Maya’s Hammer Skin Weights function.
../_images/wizard.png Launches the Weight Wizard tool (finalize setup wizard)
../_images/bindTool.png Launches only the Bind Skin portion of the Weight Wizard tool.
../_images/rename.png Launches the Override Joint Names tool, for renaming joints.

Paint Skin Weights Mode

With a mesh selected, click on the Paint Skin Weight mode button to enter the paint skin weights tool. You will see what is essentially a re-skinned version of Maya’s paint skin weights tool. The main difference is the influence list.

The influence list is broken into two sections: modules and bones within selected modules. This allows you to filter the list of bones you see to reduce clutter.


By selecting different modules in the left list, I can filter what bones I see in the right list.

There are also search bars at the tops of each list for narrowing down things even more. The search bar above the module list supports multiple search terms, separated by a comma:


To exit paint weights mode, switch to a different tool, like the move, rotate, or select tool.

Add or Remove Influences Tool

With a mesh selected, you can use this tool to, well, add or remove influences.


In this example, I remove a bunch of finger bones from the selected mesh, then add the root influence to the skinCluster.

As you can see in the interface, there are also options for removing unused influences and pruning weights.

Import Skin Weights Tool

Export Skin Weights Tool

Smart Copy Weights

Move Influences Tool

Fix Weights

Weight Wizard

Bind Skin Tool

Override Joint Names Tool